Whoa, it has been awhile since my last post. A lot has been happening here lately. Thanks to everyone in California that¬†stopped¬†by the Orvis booth in California. I had a great time meeting Keith from the Blue Damsel Lodge, and John from Vermejo Ranch. Good to talk with the boys from Utah. Great seeing Sally, Deb, and Leslie. Tom and Mary, as always it was fun to see you as well. Pop, what can I say, And to everyone else who I was lucky enough to trade fishing stories with, it got me pumped up for the spring fishing season, and I was glad to see and meet both new and old faces. Speaking of that I came back to West Yellowstone (after spending 3 extra days driving up the California coast-just beautiful) to the first hints of an approaching spring. While we won’t see the end of snowstorms for some time, the daytime highs are breaking the freezing point, and we get a little snow melting every day.¬

Fishing is fast becoming a reality as rivers in the area are waking up from their winter sleep. Josh has been hitting it hard all winter, and has reaped the rewards. Alice and I have managed to make our appearance a time or two this past winter as well. George tackled some large Tarpon in Florida, and Gabe is busy in California with Steelhead and fiesty Sac Rainbows. Our new guide Steve is headed to Mexico to oversee his business down there and maybe chase a few roosterfish.
As for the fishing around here, the¬†Madison¬†from Quake Lake to McAtee Bridge is closed until the¬†Montana¬†General Fishing Season opener in May. But the rest of the river (outside YNP) is open and is starting to show signs of spring life. I heard rumors of the first Skwala’s in the Missoula area, and you can bet that I will be making a trip up there again this spring to find those pesky¬†little¬†stoneflies. I hope Bill and Sheila ties into them this spring! The Ranch is beginning to fill with both new and returning guests, and I am really looking forward to this upcoming summer, with the chance to fish with all of you again. We have a good snowpack, and I think we are in good shape for the summer. Stay tuned!

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