Spring, YNP, & Big Fish

Spring is in the air. Daytime highs are routinely getting into the 40’s and in some parts of the State, they are even seeing the 50’s. West Yellowstone is not quite that warm(only 4 this morning), but you can feel the warmth in the sun now, and the snow is beginning to melt a little every day. Yellowstone National Park’s winter season is over, and it will be another 5 weeks until they reopen the gates to road traffic. It was a spectacular winter here, and if you missed going into the Park this winter, make plans for next. Yellowstone is something special in the winter. Alice and I just returned from a little wildlife viewing in the NE corner of Yellowstone (which remains open to car traffic all year). Good viewings of the Druid and Slough Wolf packs, tons of Buffalo, Bull Elk, Pronghorn, and Bighorns.

Josh has been busy fishing, here is a couple of dandies! 

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