Snowing, but it really IS spring!

The snowpack continues to build. We received over 24 inches of snow in the mountains surrounding Yellowstone in the past week, and with temps barely making into the 30’s lately, the snow has not yet begun to melt. However, the weather might not know it is spring, but the fish in the rivers sure do. Pretty much all the rivers in Montana that are open this time of year (which is most of them)are in the full spring fishing mode. Low and clear, rivers like the lower Madison, Ruby, and Yellowstone are kicking out some good  midge activity. It is fishing season, and it is time to get your lines wet. A few bears have also begun to emerge from their dens this past week, watch it if you are out doing some spring crust skiing. Another sure sign of spring, the return of Sandhill Cranes, Ospreys and Meadowlarks, all of which I saw this past week in a trip to Missoula. The symphony of bird songs is increasing everyday as our migratory birds begin their return. Give us a call about this upcoming summer, I am sure this is going to be one that you do not want to miss!!!!


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