Spring Fishing—Oh My!

Spring is here. I always consider the first of April to be the official spring fishing season “opener”. With warmer weather settling in throughout the state many of the local rivers that were choked with ice just 2 weeks ago are running free and loaded with midges, and the beginnings of Baetis. More and more anglers are discovering the great spring fishing that can be had in the next 5 to 6 weeks. Look for midges to be the main table fare until we get a small blast of warmer weather. A couple of consecutive days in the 50’s ought to do it. Nymphing will also be extremely good on all the local rivers. As the month eases in to the second and third weeks, look for strong Baetis, March Brown Mayflies, Skwala’s, Neumora’s, Capnia, and midges. Some excellent dry fly fishing can be had when the weather cooperates. A warmish but cloudy day with little to no wind can be just what the doctor ordered. As the month winds down, Baetis continue to pump along, a smattering of March Browns and the Mother’s Day Caddis begins to show. This large #14 caddis is quite a treat to post spawn Rainbows looking to replenish lost energy. The beginning of May right before run-off and even a day or two into run-off, can bring on blizzard hatches of this legendary caddis. You can bet that George, Alice, Josh, Zach, and I will be on the water in force over the next 5 to 6 weeks. Looking forward to the summer as the Ranch is beginning to fill with old and new friends-tight lines, Rowan

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