May 18th 2008—RUN-OFF

Well Folks it has finally arrived, the spring mud season is in full bloom. 5 consecutive days of beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm weather has started to melt the winter’s snow-pack in a big way. The ice has started to retreat from Hebgen and Quake Lakes. The area’s rivers look like a cup of coffee, with a dash of creamer, with a few logs floating in there to stir it all up with. Check out the snow behind Alice and I (and my new skiff-look out Madison) on top of Sylvan pass in Yellowstone. Spring is an interesting time of the year in Yellowstone, bears are in abundance as they emerge from their dens looking for grub. Fishing was good this spring, and that bodes very well for the summer season, which is less than 2 weeks away. In fact Montana’s general fishing season opened on Saturday, and Idaho and Yellowstone open this saturday. I believe it is going to be a very fun year.

I was hoping to get some feedback from you folks on various fishing subjects. A poll, so to speak. So the first question of the 2008 season-What one river are you looking forward to fishing in 2008 in our area, knowing that we have more water than we have seen in 10 years?If we get enough responses I want to publish the results on this blog. So let us know. Where are you most looking forward to fishing this summer at the Firehole Ranch.  Rowan

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