May 25th 2008-First Official Fishing Report from Yellowstone Opener

Alice and I headed into Yellowstone yesterday to check out the Firehole River on opening day. After meeting a few friends at the running bear, and enjoying a tale of a greased pot belly pig wrestling match that took place earlier that morning (local lost pig gallantly saved by the D&D troop), we dashed in to the Park. Traffic was the usual sort for Memorial Day weekend, but the fishing traffic seemed a little lighter than usual. Maybe it has been all the cool weather and rain lately. That cool weather lowered the flows on the Firehole to around 550cfs yesterday morning. Rumors from the night before had the river in high, but clear shape. It was all lining up for a good day. Distracted by numerous photo opportunities, we didn’t hit the river until close to 2:00pm. While we missed the beginning of the hatch we didn’t miss all of it, and the Firehole aims to please. Just upstream of Midway Geyser we parked the Suby and hit the water. Fish were rising consistently in the drab weather, and little olive colored sailboats dotted the surface. Lo and behold mixed among the little olive sailboats were larger pale yellow colored sailboats, PMD’s! The first of the year and a wonderful sight for all involved. The fish were greedily inhaling everyone of these large beautiful mayflies, and seeing a size 16 mayfly is sure easy on the anglers eyes. A great afternoon of fishing the lasted until 5:00 pm or so. Dramatic light was calling , so we packed our waders and shot a few more photos as we exited the Park. What a great way to start the summer fishing season. **Update**Checked the flows this morning, and the Firehole bumped into the 700cfs range. We had steady rains last night that is probably the   responsible factor. Will reupdate after another trip today! Rowan

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