May 26th 2008–Day 2 Firehole River

Another day on the Firehole River, but totally different than the day before. It always amazes me how different fishing is from day to day. Ever unpredictable, fishing is full of surprises, and it is one of the facets of this sport that is so enchanting to me. Despite rather good weather conditions, cloudy and cool, the Firehole struggled to produce much hatch activity. A few baetis and PMD’s showed up late, bringing a few fish to the surface, but limited opportunities were present. The river came up around 200cfs and cooled about 5 to 8 degrees which probably contributed to the change in fishing. However, it is another day and the outlook is always rosy just before heading out to the river to tangle with trout. Other local rivers such as the Madison and Gallatin have hit the tough to fish stage. The Gallatin is completely unfishable, and the Madison even in the wade stretches is becoming tough. The Henry’s Fork is fishing good, with high, slightly off colored water conditions in the Warm River stretches, and high, cold and clear condition below IP Resevoir. A few Baetis and March Browns paraded by the A-Bar, and a few noses could be found if you looked hard. A little warmer weather will help out this stretch tremendously. Anyway run-off is running, the Firehole and Fork are doing there thing, and the Firehole Ranch is shedding off its winter coat and flexing its summer dress for the upcoming season in less than 2 weeks. We are looking forward to opening day at the Firehole Ranch, it should be a great season.


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