May 27th 2008—Memorial Day Weekend

It was a great memorial Day weekend opener, as the Firehole fished as the Firehole often fishes. Good emergences of both Baetis and PMD’s for several hours each day. I expect this action to continue all week with the cloudy weather predictions. As we stumble into June the Baetis ought to begin to wane on the Firehole and be replaced with 4 different species of caddis. PMD’s will be the main ticket with both spinner falls and emergences. Look for the Madison in the Park to become a contender this week as Baetis make a strong appearance. This emergence usually happens later in the day after the action on the Firehole is over. There are rumors of a little Salmonfly action. For the next 8 weeks we will have the chance at Salmonfly on a variety of different rivers at different times. I can already fill the googly eyed insanity of salmonfly fever starting to chill my spine. I love salmonflies and the trout that eat them! There is no cure, Beware!


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