May 30th 2008–A Fresh Rainstorm

A beautiful double rainbow popped out yesterday afternoon, as a passing afternoon rainshower headed east into Yellowstone. Everyone at the Ranch is excited for the opener in 9 days. Hebgen is quickly filling up, gaining a foot of new elevation every 3 to 4 days. There certainly will not be any low water issues this year. The Firehole continues to fish well, despite a small bump in the flows over the past 2 days. Pale Morning Duns (PMD’s) are increasing in numbers as this hatch really begins to get cranking. I imagine with some warmer weather we will begin to see some caddis as well. The Madison is high and it is hard to say what the water levels are going to be like for the next couple of weeks, but wade fishing around Reynold’s and the Slide has been decent. The Henry’s Fork is heating up and I expect those salmonflies to get rolling this week, the fever has hit Alice now too, and I expect Josh is starting to get the shakes, and breaking out into cold sweats late at night. The Fork ought to be in prime shape when we get up and rolling next weekend, maybe even a few slamonflies too, which just might pass that fever on to you all as well!


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