May 31st 2008-The Fever hit a Pitch

Well it finally happened, Alice and I got the fever so bad the only cure was a float trip down Warm River to Ashton on the Henry’s Fork. Rumors that the big bugs had started their annual migration towards shore, and even that a few adults were flying around, caused late night, feverish dreams. After checking on the water below Box Canyon we headed down the Mesa Falls scenic Byway towards the Lower Fork. We weren’t the only ones with a bad case of the Salmonfly Shakes. But upon exiting the Subaru, a cure flew by, them another, and then a few more-there were salmonfly adults in the air. The high and off color water didn’t deter us and we were determined to catch the seasons first fish on Salmonfly Dries. A few fruitless hours later the fever was followed by a slight case of the blues, as neither Rainbow or Brown would help out with the cause. But then, as it often does, a few fish came to the fly, and this one nice Brown inhaled Alice’s Salmonfly with such gusto that it looked as if a small whirlpool had opened up along the H-Fork’s banks. A beautiful 70 degree day, Balsamroot blooming, our first sighting of a Western Tanager, and few nice fish, and Boy Oh Boy, the fever is even worse. I imagine this disease will last until at least mid July, when this fever might be overtaken by a contagious caddis condition.


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