May 3rd 2008—Mother’s Day Caddis

Alice and I fished the Lower Henry’s Fork yesterday and the bugs were out in force. Good numbers of Baetis, March Browns, and Yes…Mother’s Day Caddis. The Mother’s Day Caddis is really the event of the spring fishing, but in some years can coincide with the beginning of spring run-off. It is always a gamble. This year with run-off still a week away, I believe all the area’s rivers are going to see some fishing to this hatch. Yahoo! The number of mid size fish in the lower H-Fork is very high, with a few bruisers like this one, thrown into the mix as well. Look for this section of the Fork to fish good in June. Green Drakes and PMD’s are the highlight for me, and I am hoping the middle two weeks of June will bring some favorable weather for good emergences. The Firehole River should also be good in June with daily hatches of PMD’s, Hydropsyche Caddis, Oecetis Caddis, and Brachycentrus Caddis. Most of the area’s drainages are pushing 130% snowpacks for the year, what a winter! See you all soon, Rowan

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