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May 24th 2008–Here we go…

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Hey Everybody, the summer fishing season has “officially” begun. Its 8:30am and Alice and I are headed to the Firehole. A little breakfast at the Running Bear and we are off. The last couple days of cool, cloudy weather has seen the area’s rivers recede some. It should be just enough to bring out the fish (and probably the fisherman). Check back in for an updated report later.


May 23rd 2008—Yellowstone Opener

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Our Blogger was down for a couple of days, but it appears it is up and running now, and just in time for this weekend. I must admit I am extremely excited, it is like Christmas Eve. This weekend has always been the unofficial start of the summer season for the town of west Yellowstone, and I have adopted this idea, hook, line and sinker! Yellowstone and Idaho fishing season opens tomorrow, Saturday-Wahoo! Soon we will be casting dry flies to rising Rainbows and Browns on the Firehole River, surrounded by grazing buffalo, elk and cranes. The melodic gurgle of mud pots and geysers serenading us, as we try to fool the wily trout to PMD’s and caddis. I will be checking out the Firehole tomorrow with fingers crossed. The late run-off this year may mean that the Firehole will be a week away from the start of its best fishing, but no doubt it will be worth checking it out. Just being in Yellowstone this time of year is totally awesome, and now fishing is an option as well, what a tremendously special place. For those of you who are coming to the Ranch opening week, it could be awesome timing. Idaho also opens this weekend-which means the Ranch and Box canyon are also options. The cold weather the past 4 days has stalled the beginning of the Salmonflies, which could delay this hatch to its more traditional start date of the first week of June. I hope this hatch holds off until then. It would be great to share this exciting hatch with the guests at the Firehole Ranch the first couple of weeks were open.


May 21st 2008: Yellowstone Park Opener 3 days away

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Hey Everybody!

The season is fast approaching. Montana general fishing season opened last weekend, and Idaho and Yellowstone National Park open this weekend. We are in full bore run-off, with most of the area’s rivers looking akin to chocolate milk. But the Firehole River in the Park will shape up quickly, and the Henry’s Fork, being a tailwater is minimally affected. We had lots of snow this spring, as well as cold weather to hold off the spring melt, but this should mean great water conditions for the rest of the year after run-off subsides. I am looking forward to standing in the Firehole casting dry flies to some of the spunkiest trout around. You can bet I will be there on Saturday, to check it out. Stay tuned.

May 18th 2008—RUN-OFF

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Well Folks it has finally arrived, the spring mud season is in full bloom. 5 consecutive days of beautiful, sunny, and unseasonably warm weather has started to melt the winter’s snow-pack in a big way. The ice has started to retreat from Hebgen and Quake Lakes. The area’s rivers look like a cup of coffee, with a dash of creamer, with a few logs floating in there to stir it all up with. Check out the snow behind Alice and I (and my new skiff-look out Madison) on top of Sylvan pass in Yellowstone. Spring is an interesting time of the year in Yellowstone, bears are in abundance as they emerge from their dens looking for grub. Fishing was good this spring, and that bodes very well for the summer season, which is less than 2 weeks away. In fact Montana’s general fishing season opened on Saturday, and Idaho and Yellowstone open this saturday. I believe it is going to be a very fun year.

I was hoping to get some feedback from you folks on various fishing subjects. A poll, so to speak. So the first question of the 2008 season-What one river are you looking forward to fishing in 2008 in our area, knowing that we have more water than we have seen in 10 years?If we get enough responses I want to publish the results on this blog. So let us know. Where are you most looking forward to fishing this summer at the Firehole Ranch.  Rowan

May 3rd 2008—Mother’s Day Caddis

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Alice and I fished the Lower Henry’s Fork yesterday and the bugs were out in force. Good numbers of Baetis, March Browns, and Yes…Mother’s Day Caddis. The Mother’s Day Caddis is really the event of the spring fishing, but in some years can coincide with the beginning of spring run-off. It is always a gamble. This year with run-off still a week away, I believe all the area’s rivers are going to see some fishing to this hatch. Yahoo! The number of mid size fish in the lower H-Fork is very high, with a few bruisers like this one, thrown into the mix as well. Look for this section of the Fork to fish good in June. Green Drakes and PMD’s are the highlight for me, and I am hoping the middle two weeks of June will bring some favorable weather for good emergences. The Firehole River should also be good in June with daily hatches of PMD’s, Hydropsyche Caddis, Oecetis Caddis, and Brachycentrus Caddis. Most of the area’s drainages are pushing 130% snowpacks for the year, what a winter! See you all soon, Rowan