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June 27th 2008-Wrapping up June

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June is quickly coming to an end, and July is right around the corner. Fishing really responded this week with the Lower Fork really beginning to light up. Caddis, PMD’s and Green Drakes were out in enough numbers to get the fish tuned into the surface. Nymphing has remained good as well with a variety of beadheads that imitate those same bugs. The Box has been a little tougher this week because of the sheer number of boats utilizing this great fishery. As many other rivers start to come into shape look for the crowds to thin here. The Madison has fished very well, especially in the wade stretch. The Madison below West Fork is still running high and off color, but with a little work a good day can be had concentrating on the slicks downstream of big rocks, and in the convergences of two channels. big stonefly nymphs are the way to go, as they are beginning to get active in preparation for the upcoming hatch. Cross your fingers that water levels, water clarity, weather, moon phases, what you had for breakfast , the stock market, geological events, presidential decrees, and your favorite color all come into play and those stars to align for a great fishing season with the Salmonfly on the Madison. The Gallatin, Lamar, Slough and Soda Butte are still at least a week away from beginning to fish. However, I do think we have seen the peak of run-off here and all rivers are showing the signs of  retreat. Look for the next 3 to 4 weeks to potentially be some awesome fishing with lots of bug activity. Stay Tuned!

June 24th 2008-Summer Babee!

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Hey Everybody, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the folks who joined us for the second week of the Firehole Ranch season. The Stoner family and the boys who rocked the Slide. Shauneen and Larry whose infectious laughs made BBQ awesome. Craig and Roy’s pleasant disposition made the whole week fun for everybody, and Roy’s first big Rainbow was awesome. Big Grant and Little Grant who fly fished for the first time and hopefully will be lifelong converts. We all had a great week and we look forward to seeing all of you again soon!

Another sunny day in paradise as the guides look out at their daily office we realize how lucky we are that we get to share these beautiful summer days with the guests at the Firehole Ranch. Fishing has started off well this week, with the Madison taking top billing. Even though the river is still high and only has around 2 feet of visibility the resident Brown and Rainbows are on the prowl, and a well presented SJW, Rubberleg Stonefly, Shop Vac, and Crystal Dip have been filling their bellies. A few of the more adventurous fish have even been known to rise, but yesterday we failed in figuring out the mystery bug that attracted their attention topside. The Fork is fishing good with the Box Canyon and Warm River to Ashton the best options. Nymphing is still the name of the game, but Sunday we saw glimpses of the dry fly potential that the Lower Fork can produce. The Firehole is also good, with mornings being the best bet. We have two strong contenders for the FHR 1st annual Whitefish Bonanza. Check back later this week for a picture or two! 

June 23rd 2008-Coming Down, Kinda…

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Hey Everybody, what a beautiful 10 days we have had. Sunny and 70, could it be much better. Such a long winter, and a cold spring, and everybody here is soaking up the sun. The symphony of birdsong is incredible and I think our winged friends are lovin’ this summer weather as much as we are. The Mule’s Ear and Narrowleaf Balsam Root are in full bloom, causing fields and hillsides to turn yellow and white. I think it might be  an epic wildflower year. The area’s rivers are still quite high and even slightly off color, but the fishing is chugging right along with the flows. The Madison has been very solid in the wade stretches, with numerous nice ones falling for the old SJW trick. The H-Fork is also fishing well, as the hatch cycle begins to wind up. A few Green Drakes were spotted down low, and PMD’s are in full swing. The Firehole is also holding steady with good caddis and PMD’s. A few salmonflies remain on the Maddy in the Park, and the Gibbon is starting to fish with large attractors and beadhead nymphs. Fishing continues to improve on a daily basis, and soon it is going to totally let loose, and it is going to be quite hard to decide where to go, because there will be so many possibilities. Fish On!


June 19th 2008-An Early Contender

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Hey Everybody, well the fishing did not quite shape up this week as I was predicting and hoping. While fishing was good and solid, I really thought the warm weather might let the fishing loose, but instead the snow is what came loose, as many of the area’s rivers entered a second stage of run-off. Both the Madison and Firehole Rivers have come up and have remained off color. The Madison while not hot, has been steady with nymphs-SJW’s, rubberlegs, crystal dips, shop vacs, and Baetis thin mints. The Henry’s Fork is fishing well, but the dry fly fishing has been slow to come around. The Salmonflies just petered out and never made a banner appearance in the Box, but woe is the tale of the Salmonfly. Goldenstones have showed up though and the fish are looking for these sunny and juicy morsels. Take notice of the ealry entry and strong entry into the Firehole Ranch First Annual Lovin’ the Whitefish Contest. 

June 17th 2008-A little more run-off

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The beautiful sunny weather of the past couple of days has been absolutely gorgeous. I love the summer evenings that we get here in Yellowstone country. Fishing has been inconsistent this week so far as the warm weather has loosened up the remaining snowpack (which is still significant), and several of the area’s rivers have risen and cooled off. But I suspect the fishing will quickly adjust and fishing will be as good as ever as the week progresses!