June 11th 2008-Winter-Summer?

6 inches of wet fluffy snow blanketed the Firehole Ranch this morning, as a classic western squall buried the Yellowstone area in white. Despite the harsh conditions, anglers at the Ranch hit the stream with gusto and glory. Buggers and Worms were the ticket, as Rainbows and Browns gorged under nasty conditions. The Madison has been fishing very well the last few days as it continues to drop from its near capacity flows of a week ago. Another day of snow is forecasted for tomorrow but summer is just the weekend away as high’s of 70’s are in the card for Sunday. It is definitely true, that if you wait 10 minutes or move 10 miles the weather will be different here in Montana. The First Annual Firehole Ranch Whitefish Contest has officially begun, and there has already been a few entries, keep in tune for future photos of these beauties! 

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