June 19th 2008-An Early Contender

Hey Everybody, well the fishing did not quite shape up this week as I was predicting and hoping. While fishing was good and solid, I really thought the warm weather might let the fishing loose, but instead the snow is what came loose, as many of the area’s rivers entered a second stage of run-off. Both the Madison and Firehole Rivers have come up and have remained off color. The Madison while not hot, has been steady with nymphs-SJW’s, rubberlegs, crystal dips, shop vacs, and Baetis thin mints. The Henry’s Fork is fishing well, but the dry fly fishing has been slow to come around. The Salmonflies just petered out and never made a banner appearance in the Box, but woe is the tale of the Salmonfly. Goldenstones have showed up though and the fish are looking for these sunny and juicy morsels. Take notice of the ealry entry and strong entry into the Firehole Ranch First Annual Lovin’ the Whitefish Contest. 

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