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June 14th 2008-Summer, Summer, Everywhere

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Hey Folks, we are finally experiencing summer. What a difference a couple of days makes. After having 6 inches of fresh snow on Wednesday, we hit a beautiful 70 degrees today. Sunshine, blue skies, a few white fluffy ice cream cone clouds. Wow! There may not be much better than a summer evening in Yellowstone country. Welcome to all our guests this week, many of them here for the first time. I am excited about the fishing possibilities this week, as the warm weather ought to kick start some more salmonfly activity in the Box Canyon, caddis on the lower Fork, and PMD spinner falls on the Firehole. Salmonflies could also make an appearance on the Madison in the Park and Firehole Canyon. The Lower Madison should continue to fish well with meat flies such as SJW’s, Buggers, and Rubberlegs, but smaller beadhead nymphs will also begin to make a showing. Look for the monster midges of June to pepper Hebgen on the calm warm mornings and evenings. Thanks to all the folks (Patrick, Patrice, Bob, David, Darren, Rob, Jeannie, and Michael) who slugged it out in the snow, wind and rain last week. After many consecutive days of sloppy weather, Suzanne, Pat, John, Brian, Greg, and Geoff all got to see a little sunshine at the end of the week. We hope to see all of you again real soon. As for this week, continue to check in for updated fishing reports, the first annual whitefish contest, and more photos of what will hopefully be a week of fun in the sun!


June 11th 2008-Winter-Summer?

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6 inches of wet fluffy snow blanketed the Firehole Ranch this morning, as a classic western squall buried the Yellowstone area in white. Despite the harsh conditions, anglers at the Ranch hit the stream with gusto and glory. Buggers and Worms were the ticket, as Rainbows and Browns gorged under nasty conditions. The Madison has been fishing very well the last few days as it continues to drop from its near capacity flows of a week ago. Another day of snow is forecasted for tomorrow but summer is just the weekend away as high’s of 70’s are in the card for Sunday. It is definitely true, that if you wait 10 minutes or move 10 miles the weather will be different here in Montana. The First Annual Firehole Ranch Whitefish Contest has officially begun, and there has already been a few entries, keep in tune for future photos of these beauties! 

June 10th 2008–The Summer Season begins in Soggy Fashion

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The Firehole Ranch has hit the rivers and the fishing has been good. Our first two days on the water saw the guides and guests on the Firehole, Henry’s Fork, and Madison Rivers. Good PMD’s are a daily occurrence on the Firehole, although the Rainbows and Browns only average about 9 to 10 inched this time of year, what they lack in size, they make up for in spunk. Salmonflies are beginning to show in the Firehole Canyon, but the forecasted snow on Wed, might slow this hatch down. The Madison continues to shape up, and Josh floated Pal to Mac yesterday with good results with large streamers and nymphs. The wade stretch of the Madison has also been good, despite the higher water and slightly stained look. Hitting the pockets and slicks with SJW’s, woolly buggers, and BH Princes has been the ticket. A few Baetis and March Browns remain, and a few heads can be seen in isolated pockets. The Fork is also chugging along with the Salmonlfies making their way up to Box Canyon, warmer weather will help this hatch out, but it remains to be seen if that forecast is going to happen this week. Summer is coming, it has just been a little slow this year!

June 8th 2008-Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!

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A fresh dusting of snow has greeted our first guests of the 2008 “summer” season. So far this June we have had either rain or snow every day, and this reminds me of the good old days, where we got over 20 days in June with precipitation. All this cloudy, nasty weather, is making run-off trickle down and pretty much guaranteeing good streamflows all season long. The surrounding mountain ranges are simply beautiful, and the green meadows, dotted with glacier lillies and a dusting of snow is quite picturesque. The weather forecast is for more of the same this week, so break out your rainjackets and micro-fleece, and gaze into your mayfly box, for the hero fly this week is going to be a PMD imitation. The Firehole should be heavy with PMD’s this week and you can be sure that we will be sharing this treasure with Firehole Ranch guests this week. Box Canyon should also be good as salmonflies have started to shake the air with the beat of their clumsy wings. Warm River to Ashton on the Fork should also continue to fish the rest of this month (and with all this water, probably all summer, YEA!), with PMD’s beginning to show this week too! Today is also the official start of the Firehole Ranch Annual Whitefish Bonanaza. Keep in tune to the blog for this event all summer long! So grab your rod and let’s hit the water!!

June 5th 2008-Salmonflies on the Fork

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Hey Everybody,

Only 2 days until the first guests of the season arrive at the Ranch, and the guide staff has been busy fishing too get ready. Several rivers in the area are fishing pretty good right now, with the Henry’s Fork being on the top of the list. Salmonflies are moving up the river and should be in the Box by the time the Ranch opens. Warm River to Ashton is fishing well, but the high volume of water has put the dry fly fishing off a little. The Firehole is fishing well with Caddis, PMD’s and Baetis. Look for salmonflies in the canyon by this weekend as well. The Madison in the Park has been spotty but good, and salmonflies should work their way down this river this week, increasing the chance to run into good fishing. Everything is greening up, glacier lillies are blooming everywhere and the season’s first elk calves have been spotted. Looking forward to seeing everyone this season-let’s go fishin’!