July 13th 2008-Have you bought your plane tickets yet?

Hey everybody, if you did not rush out and buy plane tickets yesterday I would do so today. The Madison is on, and on in a big way. Salmonflies were flying around Windy Point, and $3 bridge yesterday. Caddis, PMD’s, goldenstones, yellowsallies, and mini goldenstones were also out in force and the fish were responding with gusto. I definitely had the best day of the season so far, and am psyched to be headed to the Madison again today. Indian Creek has finally begun to clear so the lower river is also shaping up nicely and fishing very well. Good news from the Park, Slough Creek is clear and so is the Gardner. The rate at which Lamar is dropping we could be fishing that awesome river by week’s end, I have my fingers crossed for Green Drakes Babee! The weather continues to be absolutely beautiful, and we had another day of sun, 80 degrees, and no afternoon thunderstorms.


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