July 19th 2008-Choices

Good Morning Everybody, it looks like it is forecasted to be a beautiful weekend here in southwest Montana. High’s in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and abundant sunshine. For those of you who hopped on a plane, train, or hitchhiked out here over the last few days have been confronted with some of the best fishing of the season. We are now in a small dilemma, as there are so many choices of where to go fishing. The Madison continues to fish great with the last of the salmonflies in the wade stretch, PMD’s, caddis and goldenstones scattered throughout the rest of the river. The river is in beautiful shape with flows by Kirby at a little over 1200cfs. The Gallatin lit on fire this past week with salmonflies and goldenstones thick throughout the canyon. Green Drakes have started in the park stretches and fish everywhere are on the rise. The Gardner River is fishing well with salmonflies and goldenstones too, and with the increased rivers that are now viable fishing options, this little river should see a decrease in the early season pressure it was receiving. The NE corner of Yellowstone NP is also now an option with Slough Creek being the best choice. Daily gray drake spinner fall, PMD emergences and a smattering of caddis are keeping the resident Cutthroat fat and happy. The Lamar is also fishing well despite being slightly high and a little green. Goldnestones and large attractors are god options here. Now is a great time to be in Yellowstone country flyfishing. Do whatever you can to join us at the Firehole Ranch soon. Remember Women’s week at the Ranch is coming up in less than 2 weeks, it should be a great week!


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