July 21st-10 days left in July-get on a plane!

Hey Everybody, the fishing was fantastic this past week, and this week promises to continue the tradition. It is getting very hard to decide which of the best fishing options to choose from each day. The NE corner of YNP (Slough, Lamar, and Soda Butte) are all in great shape and fishing very well. Green Drakes are popping on both the Lamar and Soda Butte and an added bonus is very few biting bugs to go along with them. In fact I wet waded their last week and was hardly bothered. The Madison continues to fish great as there are still Salmonflies lingering, caddis everywhere, and a smattering of other bugs to keep things interesting. Box Canyon is fishing very well, with some large Rainbows being caught and landed. Even the Ranch water on the Fork is fishing well. We have finally settled into a summer weather pattern with afternoon scattered thunder-bumpers, but this has aided fishing on such rivers as the Gallatin, making both the green drakes and the fish eager to rise! You still have time to join us at the Firehole Ranch this month and partake of the great fishing, plane tickets are available!


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