July 22nd-Let’s keep it between us!

Well I have been trying to convince everyone that they should be out here fishing now in a big way, but the flip side is that a few of the area’s rivers have slipped under the radar of most fisherfolk and the crowds have been light. The NE corner of YNP is fishing great right now, but I imagine that word will be out by this weekend. The Yellowstone in the Park is beginning to shape us as well, and Salmonflies are the food of choice. Goldenstones are making a good showing on the Madison, as several nice Browns fell victim to our imposters. Green Drakes still grace the currents of the Gallatin, bringing up the larger fish that live here, but are seldom ever seen. The “Glory Month” with its “Glory Bugs” are living up to their well deserved reputation. Fishing continues to be great and I expect it will remain so for awhile.


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