July 27th-Another week in Fishing Paradise

What a great week we had. Fishing was wonderful, the guests were awesome, and the weather was perfect. I am optimistic for similar conditions this week. There are still a few salmonflies on the Madison, and even a few fish eating them, the season is definitely still a few weeks behind what we have all grown accustomed to the last few years. But what great shape everything is in right now. Perfect flows in the Madison has the entire river fishing well from Ennis to Quake-from top to bottom. Throw dries, or give nymphs, the fish are willing to play. Caddis are out in large numbers, providing lots of food for the browns and rainbows. The Gallatin is coming off its high last week and settling into its summer pattern. Good fishing can be had with a Royal Wullf Cripple trailed by a small beadhead dropper. Both the Park stretch and down through the canyon is fishing well. Certainly head to the NE corner of Yellowstone for some fantastic dry fly fishing. You won’t be alone anymore, but there is plenty of fish for everyone, and those fish want green drakes or chilly dogs. Beautiful country and my favorite place to toss a dry fly in this area. Also worth noting is the Yellowstone downstream of the Lake. Although not the fishery it once was, the opportunity to stalk and sight fish to a few large Native Yellowstone Cutthroat can be quite exciting. Don’t expect large numbers of fish, and you need to bring your “A” game here, but it is a type of fishing that can be quite satisfying!


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