July 9th-Salmonflies are on the March

Another day in Paradise and there are salmonflies joining the party too! That’s right the salmonflies are moving upstream on the Madison and are currently in good numbers around Ruby Creek. A smattering of salmonflies can also be found Mac to Varney. As usual the fish are responding to this big floating pizza with mixed emotions. Some are devouring the salmonfly like it might be their last meal, others are a little suspicious of such a crunchy, wiggly piece of food, others are content with calmly sipping PMD’s caddis, and smaller stoneflies, ignoring the fuss of the WillowFly. Salmonfly fever has overtaken every guide on the river and we are all out searching for those fish willing to eat a size 4 sunken stone! The Wade stretch continues to fish well with more and more insect activity taking place daily. Salmonflies are still probably a few days away from $3 bridge, but they are coming. The Fork also continues to fish well with banner days in both the Box and Warm River to Ashton stretches. The Park is going to soon be an option as most of the streams in there are receeding fast and beginning to come into summer shape. The Ruby is also coming into shape but will be higher than most anglers have grown accustomed too. Summer fly fishing at its finest is finally here, and we are all loving it!


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