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July 19th 2008-Choices

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Good Morning Everybody, it looks like it is forecasted to be a beautiful weekend here in southwest Montana. High’s in the upper 70’s to low 80’s and abundant sunshine. For those of you who hopped on a plane, train, or hitchhiked out here over the last few days have been confronted with some of the best fishing of the season. We are now in a small dilemma, as there are so many choices of where to go fishing. The Madison continues to fish great with the last of the salmonflies in the wade stretch, PMD’s, caddis and goldenstones scattered throughout the rest of the river. The river is in beautiful shape with flows by Kirby at a little over 1200cfs. The Gallatin lit on fire this past week with salmonflies and goldenstones thick throughout the canyon. Green Drakes have started in the park stretches and fish everywhere are on the rise. The Gardner River is fishing well with salmonflies and goldenstones too, and with the increased rivers that are now viable fishing options, this little river should see a decrease in the early season pressure it was receiving. The NE corner of Yellowstone NP is also now an option with Slough Creek being the best choice. Daily gray drake spinner fall, PMD emergences and a smattering of caddis are keeping the resident Cutthroat fat and happy. The Lamar is also fishing well despite being slightly high and a little green. Goldnestones and large attractors are god options here. Now is a great time to be in Yellowstone country flyfishing. Do whatever you can to join us at the Firehole Ranch soon. Remember Women’s week at the Ranch is coming up in less than 2 weeks, it should be a great week!


July 14th 2008-Why are you not in MT

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Seriously folks, I was not joking about getting on a plane and heading to the Firehole Ranch for a little fishing. The Madison is hot and the salmonflies are bringing some nice fish to the surface. In fact so are caddis, PMD’s and goldenstones. It is time to be on the Madison in a big way. Both the float and wade stretches are fishing great, and I expect that to continue for some time with the ideal flows coming out of Hebgen right now. Every day brings a little closer to the water in the NE ┬ácorner of Yellowstone being ready to fish. I cannot wait to be wade fishing the Lamar with the bears, wolves, and bison, all the while casting dry flies to native Yellowstone Cutthroat-does it get any better? So check with your travel agent, and even if you got to hitchhike out here, it is highly recommended!


July 13th 2008-Have you bought your plane tickets yet?

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Hey everybody, if you did not rush out and buy plane tickets yesterday I would do so today. The Madison is on, and on in a big way. Salmonflies were flying around Windy Point, and $3 bridge yesterday. Caddis, PMD’s, goldenstones, yellowsallies, and mini goldenstones were also out in force and the fish were responding with gusto. I definitely had the best day of the season so far, and am psyched to be headed to the Madison again today. Indian Creek has finally begun to clear so the lower river is also shaping up nicely and fishing very well. Good news from the Park, Slough Creek is clear and so is the Gardner. The rate at which Lamar is dropping we could be fishing that awesome river by week’s end, I have my fingers crossed for Green Drakes Babee! The weather continues to be absolutely beautiful, and we had another day of sun, 80 degrees, and no afternoon thunderstorms.


June 12th 2008-Salmonflies and more Salmonflies

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Get on a plane and come to Montana. Salmonflies are out on the Madison, Gallatin, and Gardner Rivers, and the Summer Dry Fly Show is on the way. The Salmonflies have worked their way in to my two favorite stretches of the Madison-the wade water from Quake Lake to Pine Butte, and the first float from Lyon’s to Palisades. Along with Salmonflies, their are goldenstones, mini goldenstones, PMD’s, and 3 different species of Caddis, including the summer highlight-Hydropsyche! Alice stalked risers all afternoon the other day, each fish working on a different bug, and reveled in ┬áthe dry fly opportunities. The Fork is remaining strong throughout its length, with a variety of options: hard core nymphing down and deep in the Box, isolation and incredible scenery near Mesa Falls, and a action packed day floating Warm River to Ashton. Even the Ranch is fishing well, but many of its large residents are waiting for sundown and the appearance of Brown Drakes to wake them from their slumber. The Greater Yellowstone Wildflower Show continues to dazzle with Lupine, Sticky and Richard’s geranium, and Wild Rose exploding in color just about everywhere. What a year for wildflowers. The weather has been great this month with very little afternoon thunderstorms, 80 degrees, and very sunny. Wow, what a summer so far, so get on a plane and join us!


July 9th-Salmonflies are on the March

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Another day in Paradise and there are salmonflies joining the party too! That’s right the salmonflies are moving upstream on the Madison and are currently in good numbers around Ruby Creek. A smattering of salmonflies can also be found Mac to Varney. As usual the fish are responding to this big floating pizza with mixed emotions. Some are devouring the salmonfly like it might be their last meal, others are a little suspicious of such a crunchy, wiggly piece of food, others are content with calmly sipping PMD’s caddis, and smaller stoneflies, ignoring the fuss of the WillowFly. Salmonfly fever has overtaken every guide on the river and we are all out searching for those fish willing to eat a size 4 sunken stone! The Wade stretch continues to fish well with more and more insect activity taking place daily. Salmonflies are still probably a few days away from $3 bridge, but they are coming. The Fork also continues to fish well with banner days in both the Box and Warm River to Ashton stretches. The Park is going to soon be an option as most of the streams in there are receeding fast and beginning to come into summer shape. The Ruby is also coming into shape but will be higher than most anglers have grown accustomed too. Summer fly fishing at its finest is finally here, and we are all loving it!