August 15th-The Spruce Moth Revolution Rolls On

Good Morning fellow fly anglers. Another beautiful day is on tap for today, and if the 5 day forecast is correct, look for this spectaculor weather to continue. I cannot say enough about this weather, it might be the best we have had here in a long time. Wow! With so little wind this summer, I think this has contributed to the good fishing this summer. But the mass amounts of Spruce Moths this past 2 weeks may also have something to do with it. Every year it seems that this terrestrial insect gets more and more intense. From the Lamar to the Madison these furry #14 moths have been dive bombing the area’s rivers and lakes. The fishing has remeined solid just about everywhere, with the Madison continuing to lead the pack. Along with Moths; grasshoppers, flying ants, and beetles have been keeping us tangled with the fiesty trout of the 50-mile riffle. Nymphing is also good, with $3 Dips, PT’s, Crystal Dips, Shop Vacs, and Ghost Face killa’s doing their usual business. The NE corner of Yellowstone is a hot bed of activity, with daily emergences of both PMD’s and Heptagenia, ¬†helping to fill out the menu of terrestrials that keep the Native Yellowstone Cutty’s over here very happy. Keep an eye out for Moths in any area where spruce and pine trees are near the rivers. A hike into the Yellowstone canyons, can be awesome at this time of year, and once again an angler better have a few moths with them. Any foam and rubber pattern is also mandatory! Look for the Box Canyon to really begin to heat up in the next week or so as Baetis begin to get more active. The big rainbows of the Box love Baetis! Grab a moth, a rod, and hit the water!


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