August 18th-Shoeless Barry and the 1 ton Brown

Happy Monday Morning, it is another glorious day in the greater Yellowstone area. We are on quite a streak of stunning sunrises to start each day out, followed by temperatures in the 70’s and light winds. The fishing has remained solid as the rivers are full of clear, cold water, and happy fish. Terrestrials, like hoppers and beetles, have really taken the leading role in the cinematic event, “The Trout Must Rise”. Look for these upcoming stars to perform well on all the area’s rivers, but especially in Act 1 Madison River, Act 2 Gardner River, and Act 3 Soda Butte Creek. Some very large supporting cast members have taken the bait and have put on quite an aerial performance lately. If I was a attendee of this fishing scene, I would be haunting the wade stretches of the Madison with Sir Chilly Dog, and Foxi Beetle. Work the shallows and all likely looking holding water, as Brown Trout love the banks and skinny riffles this time of year. Despite some heavy pressure the NE corner of Yellowstone, it is fishing very well indeed. PMD’s and Heptagenia continue to emerge in good numbers, and when the fish refuse or are missed on those imitations, give em’ the land based insect options. The Hopper invasion on the Gardner is quite eye popping, and the fish are on the prowl for them. See if you can catch 5 species of trout on this little gem. Anyway it is time to fish, so off we go!


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