August 25th-Chef Bruno prepares Fish On! Entree’

Good Morning everyone. It is the beginning of another week here at the Firehole Ranch. Last week we had a ranch full of guests who have been returning to the Ranch for many years. It was great to visit and fish with old friends, and the fishing treated everyone pretty good. This week we have a ranch full of first time visitors and we are hopefull that in the years to come they also will become annual guests and we will get to share many awesome fishing memories with them. Today’s weather forecast is for “beautiful”- sunny, 82 degrees, and light winds. We have our fingers crossed that it will remain so for the rest of the week. We have dipped below freezing for a couple of nights last week, and soon that will be a nightly occurrence. Fall is coming, but we are holding out for a few more weeks of summer. As for the fishing, it has remained solid, on all the area’s rivers. The Madison is going strong from Quake to McAtee Bridge, with good hopper, beetle, and ant fishing. Same holds true for all the rivers in the Park-Gallatin, Gardner, Lamar, Snake, Soda Butte, and Slough Creek. Look for Baetis to begin to play a prominent role this week, especially on the Madison, Slough Creek, and the Box Canyon of the Henry’s Fork. PMD’s are all still important on the Ruby and Soda Butte, and Heptagenia could be a All Star this week as well. Hebgen is on tilt with Callibaetis for the soup fisherfolk, gulpers galore! So let’s get ready to rumble-fish on everybody!


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