August 3rd-Women’s Week at the Firehole Ranch!!!

Good Morning-it is Women’s Week at the Firehole Ranch and everybody here is very excited. Alice Owsley has planned a great event for all the Women who are attending our first annual week dedicated to the female angler. As we write, Fly Fishing 101 is getting the new anglers caught up with the jargon and techniques unique to this wonderful sport. Later, we all be on the Madison River knee deep in the guts of this sport, casting, knot tying, insect identification, reading water, and hopefully catching a couple gorgeous Madison River Rainbows, Browns, and Whiteys.

Tomorrow Women’s Week continues with 3 days of on the river clinics that will cover specific topics, giving the participants a more in depth, and on hands experience with the varied aspects of fly fishing. Some of these exciting clinics will cover the many ways to tackle the art of Nymph Fishing. From the various rigs, to the techniques and casts used to more effectively fish under the surface. Some Lady anglers will be headed out for the day to see if they can catch 6 species of fish in one day. Several different rivers will be need to be fished in order to accomplish this feat! Each day will provide everyone the opportunity to choose from these clinics and many more. I must say that I and the other guides have been looking forward to this week all season and are very excited to be a part of this format! The First Annual Women’s Week at the Firehole Ranch promises to be a great event for everybody.
As for the fishing, it continues to be very good throughout our region. The Madison has dropped in flow, but the fishing remains strong. Good caddis activity, along with a smattering of PMD’s and Epeorus have the fish on the feed. Both wade fishing and floating has been good. The Hoppers are making their way towards the river, as the hills are turning the late summer gold! Look for terrestrial fishing to really improve this week. Keep an eye out for both Spruce Moths and Flying Ants! The Park is fishing great, from the small out of the way streams, to the big dogs like the Lamar, Soda Butte, and Slough Creek. Terrestrials are really beginning to show over here, with flies like the Chilly Dog and Fat Albertas taking the cake for the Big Cuttys. The Gallatin continues to fish well, but beware the biting fly, they can carry you away if you are not careful! The Fork of Henry’s Fame is also fishing good, with the Box continuing to fish great for the anglers willing to ply the depths. A big Rainbow is always a possibility here, but your “A” fighting the fish game, has to be on to land these potential pigs! August is a great time to put on the hiking shoes and hit a few of those out of the way places that you keep promising yourself that you are going to see. Grab a handful of attractors and terrestrials and try them out this month! The  Fly Word for the Month-Chilly Dog!

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