August 8th-What a Great Womens’ Week

Good Morning, we just finished up the Firehole Ranch’s first ever Women’s Week and it was a complete blast. What a great group of ladies, many of whom had not fished before or had done very little. I believe we have some new addicts to the sport! The week started out with half of the first day in Fly Fishing School 101, an in-depth course into the details of fly fishing, the who, what, where, when, and hows of this great sport. Later that day we hit the Madison to put the book learning to practical use. This was followed by three days of “on the river” clinics. Each clinic had a focus and theme that dictated the day on the water. Some of the clinics were-Small Stream Fishing in Yellowstone, Drift Boat Fishing and how it differs and is similiar to wade fishing, FLy Fishing 201, Casting Accurately, and several more. We hit many rivers over the course of 4 days and were able to experience a  variety of different fishing conditions. Overall Women’s Week was a tremendous success and I am already looking forward to next year.

As for the fishing it continues to be very good as we start to make the transition from the aquatic insect soup of July, to the hearty terrestrial entree of August. The click-clack of Hopper wings serenede anglers every day on about every river in this area. Many of these hoppers are getting quite large as they feast on the remaining green grasses that are lining the area’s rivers. Spruce Moths, beetles, ants, crickets, and a few flying ants have joined in the cooking pot and the fish are delighted. The Madison is quickly turing to these large morsels. Make sure you have a good selection of Chilly Dogs, Foam Flying Ants, Fat Alberts, and beetles to fool these tougher to fool trout. The NE corner of Yellowstone is also fishing well with theses land based food items. The same arsenal is important on on the streams here as well. As is the case more and more every year, make sure you have some spruce moths with you. Hebgen and Quake are also hitting their stride for the savy angler willing to try the challenges of still water. Look for this continue into the beginning of September. Anyway fishing is very good and it is time to hit the water! Thanks again to everyone who participated in Women’s Week, and a special thanks to Alice Owsley who made it all happen.

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