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Sept 14th-Going out with a 70 degree bang!

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Good Morning everybody. Welcome to the Firehole Ranch’s last week of the 2008 season. It has been a great year, with some of the best fishing in quite some time. Despite the difficulties with Hebgen Dam this month, it did not put a damper on what was, and continues to be, a fantastic 2008 fishing season. The weather on tap for this last week is looking as good as it gets. 70 degree days with lots of sunshine for a Firehole Ranch full of guests, Wow! All the issues with Hebgen Dam have sent the guides into Idaho a bit lately, and the box Canyon, Warm River to Ashton, and Ora to vernon, have all been fishing well. Nymphing is still the main game, but a few fish have still been looking for hoppers, and the occasional Baetis. Yellowstone National Park is fishing good as well, with the NE corner stealing the show. However the crowds have been a bit of a challenge. Patience and courtesy go a long way in making it enjoyable for everyone. The Firehole is fast becoming a major player with lots of Caddis and baetis keeping the fiesty rainbows and browns happy. A few Hebgen lake fish have moved into the Madison, making this fall fishery an option as well. Swinging flies such as woolly buggers, zonkers, and other meaty streamers can bring some savage takes. However I prefer swinging smaller soft hackles, or even straight up nymphing for the most action! SJW’s with a trailing Shop Vac is a hard combo to beat! We have also been on the Yellowstone this past week and floating this wonderful river is quite fun. Best flies have been chilly dogs with RW Cripples. Time to fish, so lets go get bent!


September 11th-Indian Summer for real!

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Wow, what a beautiful weather forecast we have in store for the next 4 to 5 days. Sunny and 70 through the weekend promises to fulfill all the best qualities of Indian Summer in Yellowstone country. We are routinely dropping below freezing every night now, so expect the mornings to start out a little slow in the fishing department, but as the day warms so will the fishing. Terrestrials are going to play a key role in the next few days, especially in the afternoons. Baetis will also be around, but the nymph imitations will probably be more important than the adults. Look for caddis to come on strong, especially on the Firehole. Mahogany Duns should also show up on rivers like the Gallatin and Henry’s Fork. We still haven’t seen any drakes on the Lamar and Soda Butte, but I would expect them any time over there, and like all hatches can be very localized in one 100 yard stretch and not in another 100 yard stretch on the same day, so I easily could have missed them so far.

Unfortunately the Madison is still running very high as all attempts to fix the mysterious problems with the Dam have failed. Although the Madison is fishable the 3200+ cfs flows makes it difficult. Float fishing is possible, and few anglers are having moderate success with streamers and large nymphs. Wade fishing is slightly better, with nymphing being the name of the game. I expect the issues with the Dam to continue well past the closing date of the Ranch, and therefore is unfortunately not going to be a real contender for our fishing attentions for the remainder of the season! The sun has risen and the thermometer should be slowly creeping up from its fall to 25 this morning, so it is now time to pull on the waders and hit the water!

Sept 7th-A beautiful week on tap!

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Despite the ongoing problems with Hebgen Dam, this week looks like it is going to be a beautiful week to be fishing in the greater Yellowstone area. Indian Summer weather is settlling in for the next 3 days, and standing in a river might just be the best possible way to enjoy this weather. Fishing has remained solid throughout the area. The Madison, although very high (3200 cfs out of Hebgen), is producing some fine nymph fishing in the wade stretches. Look for good Baetis activity daily, with the best fishing occurring on those cloudy afternoons. Floating is possible below Palisades, but it is going to be a quick float, and getting good drag free drfits tight to the banks will be paramount! The Henry’s Fork has been good, and getting better every day. Warm River to Ashton has been fishing its typical self, with lots of willing fish. The Box is still a bit weedy, but the big bruisers in here have been on the lookout for emerging Baetis nymphs. Even the Lower river below Ashton has been good, both nymphing and throwing hoppers in the warm afternoons. The Park has also been good, with Lamar, Slough, and Soda Butte stealing the show. Both terrestrials, and increasing Baetis presence have the fish tuned into the surface. Look for good action on the Gallatin as well, especially in the afternoons. The Firehole River is also getting better every day, as more and more caddis are showing up. Look for this river to begin to really shine very soon! Once again it is time to fish, so lets hit the water!


Sept 5th-Dam Problem Persists

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Day 5 of Hebgen Saga 2008. The Dam is still apparently not functioning as usual, for the flows on the Madison are still hovering around 3300 cfs. A few folks are attempting to fish the Madison below Quake, and discovering that is possible to catch a trout or two in the middle of a flood. Talked with one guy who floated from Mac to Varney (an 11 mile float in 3 hours), and they managed to catch a few rainbows tight to the shore on rubberleg stoneflies. I believe wade fishing is real opportunity, as long as your not really wading. Look for the soft pockets close to shore and probe with rubberlegs, or even better, a shop vac, with a baetis thin mint trailer. Baetis continue to increase in numbers on all the area rivers, and will be the major insect player from here to November. The best fishing with Baetis usually occurs on cloudy days, but this is by no menas a hard and fast rule, just a guideline! Warm days like today, expect the afternoons to present hoppertunities, and of course an ant or beetle as well. A beautiful day to fish, especially in the park is in store for us today, so lets go wet a line.


Sept 4th-A Dam Problem

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Good Morning Everybody! Well it has been an interesting couple of days here. The big news is the current situation with Hebgen Dam. Basically, in a nutshell, Hebgen Dam outake gate has broken and the flow in the Madison River has increased from 800cfs to 3600cfs. This has made the Madison unfishable and unfloatable. They are currently working to fix the problem and are hopefull to have it under control by the weekend. We all have our fingers crossed that the people in charge will fix the problem ASAP. As for the fishing, we have not been able to float the Madison since this happened (3 days ago). In fact down by Ennis the Madison is completely dirty. We also have yet to attempt to wade fish it, but I am going to try it today and will update the Blag tomorrow morning. With the Madison temporarily out of the picture, we headed to the Fork the past 3 days and were treated with good fishing form the Box down to Ashton. it is mostly a nymphing affair, but a few fish are eating hoppers and ants on the warmer days, and Baetis on the cloudy days. The Park is fishing great, with Soda Butte and the Lamar leading the way. The usual suspects over here are the best bets-flying ants, beetles, and hoppers. Look to the Firehole to begin fishing as well, as the our nightly lows are now dipping below freezing every night. This has cooled off the Firehole, and the fish are beginning to eat again. The Gallatin, Gardner, and Gibbon are also all good bets, especially in the afternoons with Hoppers and Baetis. It is that time of year, where the mornings can be a little slow, but as the day warms, the fishing can really heat up. Stay with it and big rewards are waiting!

Tight Lines-Rowan