Sept 4th-A Dam Problem

Good Morning Everybody! Well it has been an interesting couple of days here. The big news is the current situation with Hebgen Dam. Basically, in a nutshell, Hebgen Dam outake gate has broken and the flow in the Madison River has increased from 800cfs to 3600cfs. This has made the Madison unfishable and unfloatable. They are currently working to fix the problem and are hopefull to have it under control by the weekend. We all have our fingers crossed that the people in charge will fix the problem ASAP. As for the fishing, we have not been able to float the Madison since this happened (3 days ago). In fact down by Ennis the Madison is completely dirty. We also have yet to attempt to wade fish it, but I am going to try it today and will update the Blag tomorrow morning. With the Madison temporarily out of the picture, we headed to the Fork the past 3 days and were treated with good fishing form the Box down to Ashton. it is mostly a nymphing affair, but a few fish are eating hoppers and ants on the warmer days, and Baetis on the cloudy days. The Park is fishing great, with Soda Butte and the Lamar leading the way. The usual suspects over here are the best bets-flying ants, beetles, and hoppers. Look to the Firehole to begin fishing as well, as the our nightly lows are now dipping below freezing every night. This has cooled off the Firehole, and the fish are beginning to eat again. The Gallatin, Gardner, and Gibbon are also all good bets, especially in the afternoons with Hoppers and Baetis. It is that time of year, where the mornings can be a little slow, but as the day warms, the fishing can really heat up. Stay with it and big rewards are waiting!

Tight Lines-Rowan

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