Sept 5th-Dam Problem Persists

Day 5 of Hebgen Saga 2008. The Dam is still apparently not functioning as usual, for the flows on the Madison are still hovering around 3300 cfs. A few folks are attempting to fish the Madison below Quake, and discovering that is possible to catch a trout or two in the middle of a flood. Talked with one guy who floated from Mac to Varney (an 11 mile float in 3 hours), and they managed to catch a few rainbows tight to the shore on rubberleg stoneflies. I believe wade fishing is real opportunity, as long as your not really wading. Look for the soft pockets close to shore and probe with rubberlegs, or even better, a shop vac, with a baetis thin mint trailer. Baetis continue to increase in numbers on all the area rivers, and will be the major insect player from here to November. The best fishing with Baetis usually occurs on cloudy days, but this is by no menas a hard and fast rule, just a guideline! Warm days like today, expect the afternoons to present hoppertunities, and of course an ant or beetle as well. A beautiful day to fish, especially in the park is in store for us today, so lets go wet a line.


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