Sept 7th-A beautiful week on tap!

Despite the ongoing problems with Hebgen Dam, this week looks like it is going to be a beautiful week to be fishing in the greater Yellowstone area. Indian Summer weather is settlling in for the next 3 days, and standing in a river might just be the best possible way to enjoy this weather. Fishing has remained solid throughout the area. The Madison, although very high (3200 cfs out of Hebgen), is producing some fine nymph fishing in the wade stretches. Look for good Baetis activity daily, with the best fishing occurring on those cloudy afternoons. Floating is possible below Palisades, but it is going to be a quick float, and getting good drag free drfits tight to the banks will be paramount! The Henry’s Fork has been good, and getting better every day. Warm River to Ashton has been fishing its typical self, with lots of willing fish. The Box is still a bit weedy, but the big bruisers in here have been on the lookout for emerging Baetis nymphs. Even the Lower river below Ashton has been good, both nymphing and throwing hoppers in the warm afternoons. The Park has also been good, with Lamar, Slough, and Soda Butte stealing the show. Both terrestrials, and increasing Baetis presence have the fish tuned into the surface. Look for good action on the Gallatin as well, especially in the afternoons. The Firehole River is also getting better every day, as more and more caddis are showing up. Look for this river to begin to really shine very soon! Once again it is time to fish, so lets hit the water!


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