March 18th—Winter in Yellowstone

Howdy Folks. Thought it might be interesting for everybody to see what the Firehole Ranch looks like in the heart of winter. If you look closely it appears the snow is only a foot or so away from the roof off the back deck. We have about 4 feet on the level in town and the mountains are loaded. We are currently hovering around 95% snowpack which is simply awesome, not too much and not too little. Looks like this upcoming summer might just have some of the best water conditions we have seen in a long time-translation-great fishing. Winter is winding down, although it will be awhile before most of the snow has melted in West Yellowstone. But it is now officially fishing season, and all the guides are getting geared up for the spring fling. Time to start dreaming of floating the Madison chucking salmonflies along the brushy banks, hammering away at the Box with beadhead nymphs for giant Rainbows, and the slow methodical rises of yellowstone Cutthroat sipping in Green Drakes on the Lamar. Needless to say I am psyched! In the meantime I will be hitting the rest of the area’s waters in search of spring fishing at its finest. See you all real soon


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