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April 29th-Rivers are dropping & clearing

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Good Morning Everyone,

We have been getting hammered with snow this week, and that appears to be our destiny for the next little while. West at the end of April, you gotta love spring!
I should be a weatherman, because my ability to predict water clarity on the Yellowstone would be a clincher for the job. Forget everything I said, the Yellowstone is fishable and is fishing well. Baetis and a few March browns are riding the currents in the afternoons. With close to 2 feet of visibility it is in fine shape for spring fishing. Looking at streamflows this morning, every river across the state has dropped significantly, it is time to take hold of the springs best fishing. The next couple of days should be big time. Hopefully things will hold out for Mother’s Day Caddis the first week of May. The next big warm up should see most rivers rise for good this time, so you can bet we will be hitting the water while we can.¬†
Stay tuned-and start tying salmonflies and PMD’s, I think June is going to be a banner month on the Firehole and Henry’s Fork!!!

April 27th-Baby Bison and Bruiser Browns

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Holy smokes the snow just keeps on rolling in. The forecast for the next foreseeable future is more snow, so you can be sure that the water will be just fine this summer. Yellowstone is starting to light up with newborns…newborn bison that is. Despite the weather these future tough guys are greeting the new world of spring/winter white with the grace and endurance that their parents posses.¬

The spring fishing has been very good despite tougher conditions this last week. Fished the Yellowstone River by Gardiner yesterday, in the snow and wind, Baetis (like the Bison) braved the winter conditions in droves and brought Cutties and browns to the surface to partake of some BWO soup. The Yellowstone is a little green, but the recent snow will turn it back to brown in a flash, so the small window of opportunity may have already shriveled up by the time you read this. The Madison continues to chug right along with great nymphing and some isolated shots of dry fly fishing. Look for Baetis this week with all the cloud cover. A few March Browns might also be out, and that also holds true for the lower Fork! i would also expect the Gallatin to give it up this week with the colder temperatures in the forecast. Look for rising fish in in the foamy edges and margins associated with deeper runs. The Gallatin is always a sleeper bet (that is a major truth in the summer), that has a great population of Rainbows, hybrids, Browns, and  a few Cutthroat. The fish average around 12 inches in the Gally, and they posses a ton of spunk. Put on those spiked wading boots, grab a wading staff, and a pocket full of Royal Wulff Cripples and Copper Johns and you have a recipe for a great and fun day!
Fish On Everybody

April 25th

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Happy Weekend to Everyone

We have a beautiful Saturday on tap, with lots of sunshine and some warmth in that ol’ sun. We had another spring snowstorm on Thursday that left much of the area blanketed in snow. I found myself on the Ruby (shhhhhh!!!) on that day, perfect conditions for Baetis and rising browns. Unfortunately even the bugs didn’t want to come out in a snowstorm, but the feisty residents of the Ruby were looking for Shop Vacs, dangled under a Adams cripple. Remember to inquire with your guide this summer about the Ruby. This fantastic fishery lies a little over 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Ranch and can be a fun dry fly filled day of fishing. Bring your “A” game, as the Ruby is small, and accurate casts are a¬†prerequisite¬†here. Dominated with Browns, the Ruby also holds a few Rainbows and the ever present Whitey! July is prime but August and September can be real good too, depending on water. The Ruby is a tailwater, but is affected heavily by irrigation demands.¬†
All the area’s rivers are high and off colored right now, but it is possible with the expected cool down that things might shape up for a brief time before the onslaught of May run-off begins. Indian Creek is pumping in a little color on the Madison, but this Jewel is still one of the best places to fish right now. Nymphing is best with SJW’s, #6 and #12 rubber leg nymphs, copper johns, and Shop Vacs. Look for a few noses in the good looking dry fly water, and hit them with a Royal Wulff Cripple #14-money! Although the short stretch between the Lakes is getting heavy pressure, it is still worth the time and effort. Nymphing with the usual suspects will produce here. Cabin is also dumping in a little color, so fish above or across. Anyway I be out checking on fishing conditions all week, so be sure to check back in!

April 21st 2009‚ÄĒGorgeous Weekend

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Good Morning

What an incredible weekend in Yellowstone country, spring weather at its finest. We hit the upper 50’s al weekend with lots of sunshine and very little wind. It was a beautiful opportunity to visit Yellowstone, as the road from the west entrance opened on friday. Lots of going on’s in the Park. A large, and I mean large, boar Griz was feeding on a yearling bison carcass just shy of the Bald Eagle’s nest along the Madison. I unfortunately missed this action, but good friends of mine were able to see this show. I was able to see a fox for the first time this winter, numerous coyotes, and a lone black wolf, a trifecta of canines. Elk and Bison everywhere, including the spring’s first newborn bison calf in Little America along the Lamar. Numerous hawks and eagles doing their aerial ballet of Cupid’s arrow. Baetis mayflies were scattered along the Firehole River giving me vision’s of June and Baetis older sister–PMD. Boy am I psyched for the first couple weeks of June and the dry fly opportunities that the Firehole can produce. Snow abounds in the Park, but all this warm weather is melting it fast, and the area’s rivers are starting to swell with low elevation run-off.¬†
I was able to fish the Madison on Sunday and caught several hefty rainbows. I thought the H-Fork’s fish were in good shape, well the Madison’s are its equal. In fact everywhere the fish are strong and healthy, as they must have had a fine winter with very little effects. I would recommend hitting the weight bench for if these Rainbows are pulling this hard now, you can bet this summer they are going to be freight trains. Forecasted high’s in the 60’s today for Yellowstone country, time to go fishing!!!

April 17th-More Rainbows from the Fork

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