April 21st 2009—Gorgeous Weekend

Good Morning

What an incredible weekend in Yellowstone country, spring weather at its finest. We hit the upper 50’s al weekend with lots of sunshine and very little wind. It was a beautiful opportunity to visit Yellowstone, as the road from the west entrance opened on friday. Lots of going on’s in the Park. A large, and I mean large, boar Griz was feeding on a yearling bison carcass just shy of the Bald Eagle’s nest along the Madison. I unfortunately missed this action, but good friends of mine were able to see this show. I was able to see a fox for the first time this winter, numerous coyotes, and a lone black wolf, a trifecta of canines. Elk and Bison everywhere, including the spring’s first newborn bison calf in Little America along the Lamar. Numerous hawks and eagles doing their aerial ballet of Cupid’s arrow. Baetis mayflies were scattered along the Firehole River giving me vision’s of June and Baetis older sister–PMD. Boy am I psyched for the first couple weeks of June and the dry fly opportunities that the Firehole can produce. Snow abounds in the Park, but all this warm weather is melting it fast, and the area’s rivers are starting to swell with low elevation run-off. 
I was able to fish the Madison on Sunday and caught several hefty rainbows. I thought the H-Fork’s fish were in good shape, well the Madison’s are its equal. In fact everywhere the fish are strong and healthy, as they must have had a fine winter with very little effects. I would recommend hitting the weight bench for if these Rainbows are pulling this hard now, you can bet this summer they are going to be freight trains. Forecasted high’s in the 60’s today for Yellowstone country, time to go fishing!!!

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