April 27th-Baby Bison and Bruiser Browns

Holy smokes the snow just keeps on rolling in. The forecast for the next foreseeable future is more snow, so you can be sure that the water will be just fine this summer. Yellowstone is starting to light up with newborns…newborn bison that is. Despite the weather these future tough guys are greeting the new world of spring/winter white with the grace and endurance that their parents posses.

The spring fishing has been very good despite tougher conditions this last week. Fished the Yellowstone River by Gardiner yesterday, in the snow and wind, Baetis (like the Bison) braved the winter conditions in droves and brought Cutties and browns to the surface to partake of some BWO soup. The Yellowstone is a little green, but the recent snow will turn it back to brown in a flash, so the small window of opportunity may have already shriveled up by the time you read this. The Madison continues to chug right along with great nymphing and some isolated shots of dry fly fishing. Look for Baetis this week with all the cloud cover. A few March Browns might also be out, and that also holds true for the lower Fork! i would also expect the Gallatin to give it up this week with the colder temperatures in the forecast. Look for rising fish in in the foamy edges and margins associated with deeper runs. The Gallatin is always a sleeper bet (that is a major truth in the summer), that has a great population of Rainbows, hybrids, Browns, and  a few Cutthroat. The fish average around 12 inches in the Gally, and they posses a ton of spunk. Put on those spiked wading boots, grab a wading staff, and a pocket full of Royal Wulff Cripples and Copper Johns and you have a recipe for a great and fun day!
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