April 29th-Rivers are dropping & clearing

Good Morning Everyone,

We have been getting hammered with snow this week, and that appears to be our destiny for the next little while. West at the end of April, you gotta love spring!
I should be a weatherman, because my ability to predict water clarity on the Yellowstone would be a clincher for the job. Forget everything I said, the Yellowstone is fishable and is fishing well. Baetis and a few March browns are riding the currents in the afternoons. With close to 2 feet of visibility it is in fine shape for spring fishing. Looking at streamflows this morning, every river across the state has dropped significantly, it is time to take hold of the springs best fishing. The next couple of days should be big time. Hopefully things will hold out for Mother’s Day Caddis the first week of May. The next big warm up should see most rivers rise for good this time, so you can bet we will be hitting the water while we can. 
Stay tuned-and start tying salmonflies and PMD’s, I think June is going to be a banner month on the Firehole and Henry’s Fork!!!

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