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May 24th-Opening Day

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Good Evening,

A quick update on opening weekend in Yellowstone National Park. it was a beautiful sunny day on Saturday, and today was cloudy with a little rain, so we should have a good range of weather to base a initial fishing report.
Firehole River: It is actually in pretty good shape, good visibility, although a bit high and cold. But there were a few PMD’s (that’s right the mayfly of Summer is already emerging on the Firehole), some baetis , and midges. I also saw a few caddis, but they were very limited. Fishing is fair, with a few fishing rising in selected spots. Certainly going subsurface with soft hackles and buggers have been best so far. 
Madison River: Not any where near as clear as the Firehole because of the Gibbon, but it is still fishable, and was also decent for the subsurface fisherman. The ugly stuff works here great-rubberlegs and SJW’s, and a better chance at bigger fish.
Not much else is an option in the Park right now as the NE corner will be blown until at least July. The Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison should be on fire the middle two weeks of June, and stay fishable until at least early July this year with all the water we got. I am excited for our guests that have booked a trip in June!!!

May 22nd-one more day

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The Lamar River at 11000 cfs

Howdy folks,
Opening day for the general fishing season in both Yellowstone National Park and Idaho is tomorrow, Saturday May 23rd. However do not expect too many stories of fame and glory from the fishing front, as many of our area rivers are very high and very muddy. The Firehole is your best bet inside YNP, but I wouldn’t bet the farm. I saw a few Baetis there last night, and a fair number of midges, but no takers. Any fish worthy of its fins and gills was hunkered down near the bottom, trying to find refuge from the fast and off colored currents. As for the best fishing, look to the H-Fork or Hebgen. Midges both morning and evening can bring fish to the glassy surface of Hebgen, and going subsurface can be dynamite. Salmonflies are the buzz on the Fork, as the March of the Plecoptera has begun. These burly nymphs have begun their annual migration to shoreline staging areas, and I would expect to see a few adults this weekend, with the bulk of the activity early next week. I will update this hatch soon with a few scouting trips this holiday weekend. The Firehole Ranch is coming along nicely as we prepare for the upcoming summer season. I sincerely hope to see all of you out here this summer, I have a strong feeling this is going to be a great fishing season.

May 20th-Warm Weather

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Howdy everybody.

I hope everyone is getting psyched up for the summer season. We have officially started opening the Firehole Ranch, digging out from feet of snow, clearing water lines, and shaking off winter’s dust. We have had a burst of beautiful and very warm weather, thoughts of summer are filling the air. Yellowstone’s fishing season, and Idaho’s general fishing season, both open this saturday, and this has always been traditionally the “beginning of the summer season”, from a fishing standpoint. However, we are knee deep (quickly going to waist deep) in run-off. I will try to post photos soon of the rivers to give everyone an idea of what it is like right now. Because of the late run-off, I am expecting that when the first week the Firehole Ranch is open we are going to have some fantastic fishing. 3 to 4 weeks ought to be perfect timing for rivers such as the Firehole and Henry’s Fork to come into perfect fishing shape. Think PMD’s, caddis, PMD’s, Green Drakes, and PMD’s for June (throw in a few salmonflies too!). 

May 14th-one more day

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Seriously folks its time to think summer, fishing, and good times. June is fast approaching and soon we will be floating the Henry’s Fork, walking the wade stretch of the Madison, and casting dries on the tricky currents of the Firehole. Our early season special ends tomorrow so get on the phone and book your June Fly Fishing adventure at the Firehole Ranch ASAP. In case your on the fence I thought I would mention a few tidbits about the fishing in June, so buckle up-

By the time the Firehole Ranch opens on June 8th I am anticipating the following: The Firehole River in Yellowstone (just quite possibly the most unique fly fishing river in the world) should be fishing gangbusters with caddis and PMD’s. The PMD’s on the Firehole run a large #16 and the the browns and rainbows love them. This hatch is best on a cloudy day, but even under bright sun the fish will feed. Caddis will also be bouncing down the currents, providing plenty of dry fly fishing to feisty 10-14 inch  fish. The Madison in the Park also has good PMD’s, caddis, and there should still be some salmonflies flying around. Look for the Madison in the wade stretch to be a little off color and high, but the fishing can be fast and furious with the ugly stuff-buggers, worms, and rubberlegs. Some of the largest browns all year are caught in June under high water. the cherry on top of the cake for this time is the Henry’s Fork. Warm River to Ashton is on fire with caddis, yellow sallies, PMD’s, Goldenstones and green drakes. A #14 Royal Wulff Cripple with a #16 BH PT—killer! Gorgeous float, fun fishing, what a perfect day. As June rolls on into the middle of the month expect more of the same, but as the month winds downs look for Salmonflies to begin to appear along with Caddis on the Madison. Hebgen is heating up with Midges. The Box Canyon is cranking out large rainbows to the dedicated nymphers. The Ruby could be shining bright with Goldenstones, Yellow Sallies, and PMD’s, and the Gardner begins to fan into shape with large dose of salmonflies and goldenstones.
June is a great month to be fishing in the greater Yellowstone area, so take advantage of our early season special and call us today!

May 11th-Mother’s Day….”Caddis”

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Good Morning,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Lots of stuff happening here in southwest Montana, so lets get to it. We are opening in less than a month, I hope you have made your reservations. If the spring fishing is any indication of the summer season, this could be the best fishing season in a long time. This spring has been the best in years and it is still going super strong with Caddis popping in big numbers! 
May 15th is the last day to take advantage of our early booking special. This is a great deal! 15% off a stay at the Firehole Ranch for all guest in June if you book by Friday May 15th, so grab a phone a give us a call!
We are also running a “Prime Season” (July -September) special:
One day of guided fishing for every 4-6 days booked (double occupancy) a $450.00 value
Or, two days of guided fishing for every 7 days booked (double occupancy) $900.00 value
Also remember that the 2nd annual Women’s Week at the Firehole Ranch is August 1st-5th. This was a huge hit last year for both guests and us. We all look forward to this unique event again this year. Alice has crafted an incredible week for the participants. 
Now to the fishing, and the fishing as I mentioned earlier is very good. Mother’s Day Caddis (Brachycentrus) are happening on the Yellowstone right this instant. You can be sure I am headed there for my 7th day in a row. A dedicated troutbum has to fish when the fishing is good, and this hatch can be one of the top 3 hatches of the year.
Top Three Hatches of Yellowstone Country-Summertime
(open for comments-let me know what your favorite hatch in Yellowstone is)
1. Salmonflies-gotta be, even though this hatch is only epic every 5 to 6 years, the chance to throw a size 4 or 6 dry fly is memorable to say the least! The Madison has the most famous salmonflies in our area but the Yellowstone, Gallatin, Madison in the Park, Henry’s Fork and the Gardner all have great hatches as well.
2. Green Drakes-again a large dry fly that can give you great opportunities to catch large trout without struggling to see your fly. The Fork has the best hatch in our area, but the Lamar, Soda Butte, and Slough Creek are a very close second, with the Gallatin hanging in there as well.
3. Spruce Moths-What! 5 years ago we never even fished this hatch, now it provides great dry fly fishing in August (what a great hatch for all our Women’s Week participants). This terrestrial bug hits the water in masse and they must taste like M&M’s to the trout because they love them! Madsion, Gallatin and a few other little secret places are the way to go here!
Summer is coming and we all hope to fish with you soon,