May 11th-Mother’s Day….”Caddis”

Good Morning,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Lots of stuff happening here in southwest Montana, so lets get to it. We are opening in less than a month, I hope you have made your reservations. If the spring fishing is any indication of the summer season, this could be the best fishing season in a long time. This spring has been the best in years and it is still going super strong with Caddis popping in big numbers! 
May 15th is the last day to take advantage of our early booking special. This is a great deal! 15% off a stay at the Firehole Ranch for all guest in June if you book by Friday May 15th, so grab a phone a give us a call!
We are also running a “Prime Season” (July -September) special:
One day of guided fishing for every 4-6 days booked (double occupancy) a $450.00 value
Or, two days of guided fishing for every 7 days booked (double occupancy) $900.00 value
Also remember that the 2nd annual Women’s Week at the Firehole Ranch is August 1st-5th. This was a huge hit last year for both guests and us. We all look forward to this unique event again this year. Alice has crafted an incredible week for the participants. 
Now to the fishing, and the fishing as I mentioned earlier is very good. Mother’s Day Caddis (Brachycentrus) are happening on the Yellowstone right this instant. You can be sure I am headed there for my 7th day in a row. A dedicated troutbum has to fish when the fishing is good, and this hatch can be one of the top 3 hatches of the year.
Top Three Hatches of Yellowstone Country-Summertime
(open for comments-let me know what your favorite hatch in Yellowstone is)
1. Salmonflies-gotta be, even though this hatch is only epic every 5 to 6 years, the chance to throw a size 4 or 6 dry fly is memorable to say the least! The Madison has the most famous salmonflies in our area but the Yellowstone, Gallatin, Madison in the Park, Henry’s Fork and the Gardner all have great hatches as well.
2. Green Drakes-again a large dry fly that can give you great opportunities to catch large trout without struggling to see your fly. The Fork has the best hatch in our area, but the Lamar, Soda Butte, and Slough Creek are a very close second, with the Gallatin hanging in there as well.
3. Spruce Moths-What! 5 years ago we never even fished this hatch, now it provides great dry fly fishing in August (what a great hatch for all our Women’s Week participants). This terrestrial bug hits the water in masse and they must taste like M&M’s to the trout because they love them! Madsion, Gallatin and a few other little secret places are the way to go here!
Summer is coming and we all hope to fish with you soon,

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