May 1st-Is it winter still or is it Spring

Good May Morning to everyone.April showers (and we got our fair share) bring May flowers (we all have our fingers crossed). May is usually a major transition month for Yellowstone country. The cool weather of spring usually begins to give way to warmer days and nights and the snow in the backcountry really begins to melt. Things begin to green up in a big way. Returning migrating birds are everywhere in their full colorful splendor.The fishing in May can be real interesting. Usually the beginning of the month sees mother’s day caddis on a variety of rivers including the Madison and the Henry’s Fork. But as we dip into the middle of the month, run-of strikes with a vengeance and fishing gets a little slim. Think tailwaters or lakes if you want the best of mid May fishing. Salmonflies begin popping on the Henry’s Fork. The Madison can see some good nymphing, or if we are lucky a late season March Brown emergence. Midges on Hebgen and cruising Rainbows. Towards the end of the month we see the official beginning of the summer season over Memorial Day weekend. Montana, Idaho, and YNP all open their general fishing seasons by the end of the month.The Firehole Ranch also begins to shovel out from a winters snow and begin the process of preparing for the summer. Dewintering the Ranch takes some doing, and we try to get in by Mid May to ensure that everything is perfect for our first guests.As the month rolls by keep checking in for news of the Ranch, lots of fishing reports, and more scenes of our beautiful region as it shakes off winter, flies through spring, and approaches summer.We all look forward to seeing and fishing with as many of you as possible this summer. Treat yourself right and book a fishing trip at the Firehole Ranch this summerStay tuned,Rowan

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