May 22nd-one more day

The Lamar River at 11000 cfs

Howdy folks,
Opening day for the general fishing season in both Yellowstone National Park and Idaho is tomorrow, Saturday May 23rd. However do not expect too many stories of fame and glory from the fishing front, as many of our area rivers are very high and very muddy. The Firehole is your best bet inside YNP, but I wouldn’t bet the farm. I saw a few Baetis there last night, and a fair number of midges, but no takers. Any fish worthy of its fins and gills was hunkered down near the bottom, trying to find refuge from the fast and off colored currents. As for the best fishing, look to the H-Fork or Hebgen. Midges both morning and evening can bring fish to the glassy surface of Hebgen, and going subsurface can be dynamite. Salmonflies are the buzz on the Fork, as the March of the Plecoptera has begun. These burly nymphs have begun their annual migration to shoreline staging areas, and I would expect to see a few adults this weekend, with the bulk of the activity early next week. I will update this hatch soon with a few scouting trips this holiday weekend. The Firehole Ranch is coming along nicely as we prepare for the upcoming summer season. I sincerely hope to see all of you out here this summer, I have a strong feeling this is going to be a great fishing season.

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