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June 29th

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Good Morning Folks,

Another glorious day in Yellowstone country as we are forecasted for sunny skies and 70 degrees. This past week was filled with activity as the fishing is really starting to heat up. The Henry’s Fork continues its annual parade of bugs. PMD’s have arrived in full force, caddis are everywhere, goldenstones are plummeting to the water, and gray drake spinners are beckoning large trout. Look for this great insect activity to continue strong for at least the next couple of weeks. The Madison is running bankful but it is clear and fishing well. Salmonflies are just now appearing around Ennis and will make their way upriver all this next week. On the heels of this juicy morsel are PMD’s, various caddis, yellow sallies, and more. My favorite bug this time of the year on the Madison is a large #10-#12 brown caddis called an Arctopsyche. Look for this large caddis motor boating across the surface and the savage take of a Rainbow as it chases it down. The Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison rivers in the park are also fishing well with a few remaing PMD’s, lots of caddis, and small golden stones. With all the greenery, the Park is simply stunning, and a trip wade fishing these gems is quite a treat. Time to hit the water.

June 23rd-Plenty of Sunshine

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Good Morning,

Plenty of sunshine is on tap for Yellowstone country for the next couple of days and everyone here is ready for it. It is going to be a glorious next couple of days, I can think of no better way to take it all in than on a river somewhere. We will be on the Henry’s Fork and Madison for sure soaking in the rays and trying to fool a few fish along the way. Hebgen is almost nearing full pond (99.6% as of yesterday) and the ghosts of Hebgen Dam have begun to raise to outflow. Look for the Madison to feel the effects of increased flow over the next couple of days. With warmer weather, increased flows, and the ever diminishing month of June, the venerable salmonflies should begin to make an appearance soon. These large flying morsels have already been spotted in the Beartrap which usually means we are within a week of seeing these beasts in the Upper Madison above Ennis. Things are getting ready to explode into summer action here, and we hope everyone is buckled in!

June 21st

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Good Morning,

Happy fisherman all week is the forecast, and as you can see here Shirley (our new Manager) and Scotty (our new head guide) are forefilling that forecast. A beautiful week is in store for all the guests at the Ranch this week. After weeks of rain and clouds it looks like by tomorrow we are in store for sun and 70’s, classic summer weather for the Yellowstone area. With all the rain we have been getting the area is sparkling in vibrancy. Everything is a brilliant green, and the wildflowers are popping up all over the place. Along with wildflowers, wildlife is also cheering on the summer weather. Birds galore abound along the rivers. Keep your eyes open for Ospreys, Bald Eagles, western tanagers, common mergansers, american dippers, spotted sandpipers, eastern kingbirds, and avocets. Your ears will be greeted by the chatter of song sparrows, catbirds, and yellow warblers. The other day on the Henry’s Fork we saw 3 Lewis Woodpeckers feasting on the large numbers of PMD’s and Green Drakes that are emerging on the Fork right now. Along with these gorgeous birds, the trout were also feasting and this continues to be one of the best fishing options right now. Look for the Fork to continue to produce great fishing throughout the month. The Firehole in the park is also fishing very well with continued daily emergences of both Baetis and PMD mayflies. Caddis are increasing in importance and with the warmer and sunnier weather, and we will probably see this trend in a big way this week. The Madison below Quake should also improve with warmer weather. While the Madison has been steady with well placed nymphs, the dry fly fishing is waiting for warmer days. Salmonflies are also waiting but I expect the chatter over this hatch to really heat up as the week progresses. Surely we will keep an eye out for that. Summer is here and it is time to go fishing.

June 18th

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The first week of the Firehole Ranch season is winding down and what a great week it was. Although the week was beseeched with rain and clouds, the fishing was quite good. The Henry’s Fork was the highlight of the week with the beginning of both Green Drakes and PMD’s in the Warm River to Ashton stretch. A few Goldenstones also have appeared in the mix. The fishing was great, both with dries and nymphs. Shop vacs, beadhead pheasant tails, and BBB PT Emergers were all top producers. A couple of nice Browns fell to the mighty Turk’s Tarantula. Look for dry fly fishing to continue to get better this following week on the Fork. The Firehole River was good this week with continued hatches of Baetis and PMD’s. Cloudy days are best through mid morning to mid afternoon. Look for caddis to grow in importance this next week. The Madison has been clear all week, but very cold. The fishing has been fine, with small nymphs out producing the larger stuff. As salmonfly time approaches look for the big rubberlegs to become more important. Caddis should also begin to show in the upcoming week, and with a little warm weather the summer dry fly season on the 50 mile riffle ought to begin. All the guides look forward to another week in fishing nirvana.

Tight Lines and jumping Trout

June 15th-opening Weekend

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Good Morning folks.

The Firehole Ranch is officially open and we are already floating the Madison River. Run-off has slowed a little early this year and many of the waters that are usually in questionable shape this time of year are in fact doing just fine. The Madison is primarily a nymphing deal right now with tandem rigs of princes and serendipities doing best. Look for the big bugs to begin to take a few fish as dip into the next couple of weeks. I suspect we could see adult salmonflies in the less than 2 weeks, and caddis are right around the corner. The Firehole River is going strong with daily Baetis and PMD emergences. The Henry’s Fork is also beginning to see a few PMD’s joined by a lot of caddis and smaller stones. We are in a serious rain pattern lately and the greater Yellowstone country is as green as it ever gets right now. It is quite beautiful, especially as the parade of wildflowers begin to bloom. Look for the white variety of mule’s Ear on the Henry’s Fork flats, ground phlox around West Yellowstone, and larkspur throughout the Park. 
Tight lines,