June 11th-Game Time

Good afternoon everybody,

Well folks it is game time. The Firehole Ranch opens its door tomorrow and I hope everybody is buckled in for a summer of fishing madness. I believe it is going to be quite a year out on the rivers and lakes in the greater Yellowstone area. So what is in store for the guests the first week, well this is what I am looking forward to. Salmonflies on the Madison in the Park. PMD’s and caddis on the Firehole. PMD’s, yellow sallies, caddis, and Green Drakes on the Warm River to Ashton stretch of the Henry’s Fork. A little bit of Big and Little nymphing on the float stretches of the Madison. And maybe a few other little secrets that we are dying to show you. Needless to say the guides are psyched to be out on the rivers with all of you our friends and guests. Game on everybody!

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