June 15th-opening Weekend

Good Morning folks.

The Firehole Ranch is officially open and we are already floating the Madison River. Run-off has slowed a little early this year and many of the waters that are usually in questionable shape this time of year are in fact doing just fine. The Madison is primarily a nymphing deal right now with tandem rigs of princes and serendipities doing best. Look for the big bugs to begin to take a few fish as dip into the next couple of weeks. I suspect we could see adult salmonflies in the less than 2 weeks, and caddis are right around the corner. The Firehole River is going strong with daily Baetis and PMD emergences. The Henry’s Fork is also beginning to see a few PMD’s joined by a lot of caddis and smaller stones. We are in a serious rain pattern lately and the greater Yellowstone country is as green as it ever gets right now. It is quite beautiful, especially as the parade of wildflowers begin to bloom. Look for the white variety of mule’s Ear on the Henry’s Fork flats, ground phlox around West Yellowstone, and larkspur throughout the Park. 
Tight lines,

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