June 21st

Good Morning,

Happy fisherman all week is the forecast, and as you can see here Shirley (our new Manager) and Scotty (our new head guide) are forefilling that forecast. A beautiful week is in store for all the guests at the Ranch this week. After weeks of rain and clouds it looks like by tomorrow we are in store for sun and 70’s, classic summer weather for the Yellowstone area. With all the rain we have been getting the area is sparkling in vibrancy. Everything is a brilliant green, and the wildflowers are popping up all over the place. Along with wildflowers, wildlife is also cheering on the summer weather. Birds galore abound along the rivers. Keep your eyes open for Ospreys, Bald Eagles, western tanagers, common mergansers, american dippers, spotted sandpipers, eastern kingbirds, and avocets. Your ears will be greeted by the chatter of song sparrows, catbirds, and yellow warblers. The other day on the Henry’s Fork we saw 3 Lewis Woodpeckers feasting on the large numbers of PMD’s and Green Drakes that are emerging on the Fork right now. Along with these gorgeous birds, the trout were also feasting and this continues to be one of the best fishing options right now. Look for the Fork to continue to produce great fishing throughout the month. The Firehole in the park is also fishing very well with continued daily emergences of both Baetis and PMD mayflies. Caddis are increasing in importance and with the warmer and sunnier weather, and we will probably see this trend in a big way this week. The Madison below Quake should also improve with warmer weather. While the Madison has been steady with well placed nymphs, the dry fly fishing is waiting for warmer days. Salmonflies are also waiting but I expect the chatter over this hatch to really heat up as the week progresses. Surely we will keep an eye out for that. Summer is here and it is time to go fishing.

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