June 29th

Good Morning Folks,

Another glorious day in Yellowstone country as we are forecasted for sunny skies and 70 degrees. This past week was filled with activity as the fishing is really starting to heat up. The Henry’s Fork continues its annual parade of bugs. PMD’s have arrived in full force, caddis are everywhere, goldenstones are plummeting to the water, and gray drake spinners are beckoning large trout. Look for this great insect activity to continue strong for at least the next couple of weeks. The Madison is running bankful but it is clear and fishing well. Salmonflies are just now appearing around Ennis and will make their way upriver all this next week. On the heels of this juicy morsel are PMD’s, various caddis, yellow sallies, and more. My favorite bug this time of the year on the Madison is a large #10-#12 brown caddis called an Arctopsyche. Look for this large caddis motor boating across the surface and the savage take of a Rainbow as it chases it down. The Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison rivers in the park are also fishing well with a few remaing PMD’s, lots of caddis, and small golden stones. With all the greenery, the Park is simply stunning, and a trip wade fishing these gems is quite a treat. Time to hit the water.

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