July 16th-The Heat of Summer

Good Day to everyone,

Summer is in full swing in Yellowstone country. Forecasted highs in the mid 80’s by the weekend will have everyone feeling the heat, but the rivers will remain cool, and the trout are on the feed. Fishing is very good right now just about everywhere, making it very difficult to decide where to fish each day. The Madison is in beautiful shape river wide. Look for Hydropsyche caddis every morning and evening. Good egglaying activity is occurring for the early risers. EPIX Caddis and Iris Caddis in #16 are the key to this hatch. Look for Epeorus and PMD’s, especially in the afternoons and evenings. Crips, sparkle duns, EPIX duns, and KT emergers will fool trout feeding on these bugs. A few salmonflies and goldenstones remain, along with lots of smaller stones. Searching the water with Royal Wulff Cripples, stimulators, chubby chernobyls, and trudes are a fun and exciting way to fish the Madison in July. The Gallatin is a great choice right now, with attractors leading the way. Trailing a beadhead nymph 24″ behind a RW Crip is deadly. The NE corner of YNP is really coming into shape. Slough, Lamar, and the Soda Butte are all possible. Look for gray and green drakes to bring ravenous trout to the surface. Salmonflies in the Black and Grand Canyons of the Yellowstone-priceless! Both the Firehole and Madison in the Park still have fish rising inthe mornings and evenings but it might be time to give these hardy fish a break until September. Warm water is in their forecast, and there are better options right now anyway! Look for lake fishing to really kick into high gear now as well. Gulpers on Hebgen are definitely there. A handfull of Callibaetis cripples are all you need here, that and an accurate presentations and nerves of steel! Fishing is summer hot-game on everybody!

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