July 20th

Good Morning,

Beautiful days in Yellowstone country abound. Sun and warmth with afternoon thunderstorms are the norm this week, and the area remains a vibrant and lush green. Wildflowers are everywhere, dotting the landscape with splashes of pinks, reds, yellows, and purples. July is a wonderful time here, and we hope you are wading and floating the rivers immersed in the grandeur of Yellowstone. Summer fishing is in full swing with wade fishing opportunities on practically every river. Sandals and shorts, a 5 weight fly rod, a handful of easy to see dry flies, are all part of the recipe for a fun summer fishing excursion. If it looks fishy, you really ought to be fishing it. From the Gallatin to the Lamar it is all good now. As for more specifics, look to the Madison to continue to pump out various caddis this week, especially in the mornings and evenings. A thuderstorm in the afternoon could trigger a Epeorus or PMD emergence so be on the lookout for that. The Madison is full of micro-habitat with one thing happening on a 100 yard stretch of river, and something completely different on the next 100 yards. I love the Gallatin in July as a variety of bugs march down its rough and tumble currents. A couple of high riding attractors such as a rubberleg Stimulator, or a Royal Wulff Cripple will have you tied into a couple of beautiful rainbows. Although the Box Canyon is very high, the reclusive Rainbows here are on the lookout for small nymphs. There may not be a harder fighting fish in this area, than a 17″ obese rainbow from the Box. Hold on to your fly rod with both hands! Looking for an adventure, than hike into the canyons of the Yellowstone to fish salmonflies and goldenstones. This is fly fishing in Yellowstone at its finest. The sun is shining and the fish are rising, so it is time to fish.

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