July 30th

Good Morning

July is quickly coming to an end and it has been quite a month. We never got too hot and we received a fair share of rain and cooler weather. In fact the other day I was bundled in three layers of fleece on the Madison, trying to take the chill out of a very cool wind. What will August bring? Well certainly some terrestrial fishing as the grasshoppers are really beginning to ramp up! Beetles and flying ants are always on the menu as well. You can bet that the ever increasing spruce moth will show up any day now, and the trout of Yellowstone country are ready to eat moth. Look for a few aquatic insect hatches as well. Callibaetis on the lakes. Heptagenia mayflies on the rivers in the Lamar drainage. Trikes on the Fork. Caddis on the Madison. But I will not be fishing anywhere without a Flip Em Floppy, Foxi Beetle, and a EPIX Spruce Moth at this point. August is a great time to fish smaller streams such as the Gardner, Taylor’s Fork, Gallatin, Soda Butte, Gibbon, and many others. Dry fly fishing can be fantastic on these pocket water streams with small hopper patterns and attractors. August also usually brings warm weather-sunny and bright blue sky days and a less chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I hate to bring this up, but August is also only a month away from……yes….. Fall, and we almost always see a fresh dusting of snow on the peaks towards the end of this month. Soon the elk will be bugling, but until then it is the sound of click and clack hoppers that fill the air, and hopefully the zing and swish of fly line and trout doing their dance. Time to fish!

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