July 8th-Salmonflies

Good Morning Everybody,

Sorry for the long delay between posts but I had computer issues. I don’t know what a motherboard is, but apparently it is important and a computer does not function very well with a fried one. But I am back in the game again, and it is time to talk fishing. Hold on to your socks, the fishing is approaching out of sight. Alomost every river in our area has shaped up from run-off and bugs of various dimensions are popping everywhere. Salmonflies are the talk of the town, as this massive hatch has reached the upper Madison in the vicinity of Lyons Bridge. The much talked about upstream progression of this hatch usually begins to break apart as the “head” of the hatch reaches Palisades, with bugs coming off here and there and no clear indication of a specific place to be. Needless to say it is a good idea to have a Salmonfly imitation tied on, almost no matter where you are on the Madison these days. Along with Salmonflies, various other bugs are hatching: goldenstones, mini golden stones, PMD’s, Epeorus, Hydropsyche caddis, Arctopsyche caddis, and even a a few green drakes. It is definitley dry fly time on the Madison! The upper Yellowstone is also seeing Salmonflies, from Yankee Jim upstream into the Park. Water clarity here is still a little suspect, but big bugs attract big attention. Salmonflies are upstream of Big Sky and despite recent rainstorms there is enough clarity in the Gallatin to make this a viable option too. Speaking of the Gallatin it is in great shape in the Park upstream of Taylor’s Fork, so if a recent storm has discolored the rest of the Gally hit the Park stretch. The Lower Fork is also still producing with PMD’s and a slough of caddis. Look for big risers in small packages-translation: look for a nose just breaking the surface, sipping so to speak, and you just might have a legendary monster Rainbow in your sights. A variety of patterns to throw are mandatory, along with a perfect drift of course-Fish On! Small streams are also a great option right now, so ask your guide to take you where the crowds are not and you will be pleasantly surprised! It is really time to hit the water!

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